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Sighnaghi - the city of love

      One of the most beautiful towns in the region of Kakheti is Sighnaghi. Small pastel houses, buildings, cultural monuments, tangled, cobblestone streets mesmerize the visitor with their unique architecture and beauty. There are two Georgian Orthodox churches - one dedicated to St. George and the other to St. Stephen. The Bodbe Monastery which is built in the 9thcentury is located in 2 km from Sighnaghi. The town is situated on a hill and view from it is totally rewarding! Sighnaghi looks over the Allazani Valley and Caucasus Mountains are also seen remotely. That sight is the most photographed spot in the town. Follow a dream trail to discover Sighnaghi’s precious architecture, yards, balconies and amazing views. Take a leisurely tour around the town, buy some souvenirs from the souvenir shops, enjoy famous Kakheti wines, the picturesque views and immerse yourself in a beautiful quiet.