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Posted by: Exotour
Posted by: Exotour
Posted by: Niko KululashviliExotour
Restaurant Tamada with old Tbilisi interior, stone fireplace "Tone” (bread baker), "Factory” for chacha distillation, traditional cuisine (khinkali, shashliki, khachapuri, saczivi, phkhali, sk ...
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Hotel Gudauri Alpine HutLocation: Gudauri Ski ResortDouble room: $ 90meals: Full boardHotel Tbilisi in BorjomiLocation: Borjomi City centreDouble room: $ 45Breackfast: includedBorjomi Hotel Ol ...
Batumi Tours and Hotels reservation on
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Day 1: city tour Tbilisi - David Gareja – TelaviToday we have excursion to David Gareji Monastery. The Monastery is situated in Gareji semi-desert, 75km southeast from Tbilisi.We’ll visit the  ...
David Gareja Monastery – includes 16 smaller complexes among which the oldest is called David’s Lavra (6th c.). In the middle Ages a famed art school flourished here influencing the developme ...
Location: Georgia is situated in the western and central parts of Trans-Caucasia between the Black and Caspian Seas, on the crossroad of the ancient Silk Road that connected Asia to Europe. Ge ...
The Imereti region with its administrative centre Kutaisi is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. The 3500 year-old capital of ancient Colchi which used to be the capital of united Ge ...
The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is one of the ancient cities of the world, situated in the valley of the river Mtkvari. The bridges connect the right and left banks of the city. The place was  ...