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About Georgia

Georgia, one of the oldest countries in the world, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, in the central and western parts of the South Caucasus and even partially - the North Caucasus. This land is impregnated with ancient legends and significant historical facts that for centuries has been generating great culture and forming a unique lifestyle. There are about a hundred museums and hundreds of ancient monuments in this small country, some of which are included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first state formations on the territory of country Georgia -Diauehi and Colchis - appeared in XII-VIII century BC.In antiquity and the Middle Ages Eastern Georgia was known as Iberia. While a well-known Greek myth of the Argonauts tells about Western Georgia - Colchis. In the beginning of the IV century, Christianity becomes the state religion of the Kingdom of Kartliin Eastern Georgia and laterspreads towestern regions. At the beginning of the XI century Georgian feudal formations merge into a single state. In the XII-XIII centuries, Georgia country is experiencing the Golden Age, greatly expanding the borders and controlling the entire region between the Black and Caspian Seas.

Favorable geographical location at the crossroads of trade routes and natural resources of Georgia has always attracted invading armies. Throughout history, the Georgians had to wage continuous wars with surrounding empires. The constantstruggle for independence and preservation of identity has deeply influencedculture, character and traditions of the Georgian people. This is best demonstrated by an universal word Gamarjoba that Georgians use when meeting someone or pronouncing a toast - translated it means the wish of victory. Other typical features of the Georgian mentality aregood-natured character and famous hospitality.

In the north of country Georgia has borders with the Russian Federation, in the south - Turkey and Armenia, in the east - Azerbaijan, in the west – the Black Sea.The territory of Georgia combines high mountains,midland, lowland plains, plateau and plateau-like terrain, that result in a unique variety of natural conditions and climates, as well as a wealth of flora and fauna. There are 14 nature reserves, 8 national parks, 12 protected areas, 14 natural monuments and 2 protected landscape in the country that effectively constitutes 7 % of the entire territory of country Georgia.

General country information

Capital: Tbilisi
Major cities: Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi
Local Time: +4 GMT
Calling code: +995
Currency: lari (1 GEL = 0,30 USD)
Surface Area: 69 700 km²
Coastline: 308 km
Population: about 3.8 million
Official language: Georgian
Religion: Orthodox 84%, Muslim 9%, Grigorian - 5 %, Roman Catholic - 1.5%, other - 0.5%


National and Religious Holidays:

New Year: January 1-2;
Orthodox Christmas: January 7;
Mother Day: March 3;
Easter Monday;
Independence Day: May 26;
Mariamoba (Assumption of the Holy Virgin): August 28;
Mtskheta - Svetitskhovloba: October 14;
Tbilisoba (Tbilisi-city festivities): Last week of October;
Nikolozoba: December 19
Giorgoba (St. George Day): November 23



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