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Secret food & wine tours Georgia

By booking food and wine Tour Tbilisi you will get the rare opportunity to stop being a tourist and become a local for the day. During this activity you will get to try some of our best and most unique dishes with special Georgian wine: local bread masterclass, Khachapuri and Satsivi.
We strongly believe that food is one of the best ways how to connect with a new culture. We offer you free walking tours in TBILISI and food tours .we run food tours in TBILISI and strive for our guests to experience authentic Georgian food of excellent quality and learn a bit about Georgian history and culture on one of our tours. We show our guests hidden gastronomy places we like and we do it with love.
Meet your local guide and set out on your 4 hour walking tour of Tbilisi. Your gourmet food experience includes visits to Local Market ,,Bazar’’, we will buy all necessary ingredients for food masterclass. After that we will visit special hidden wine cellar in Tbilisi and will start wine tasting and of course food masterclass. Tourist will learn how to cook Georgian dishes and how to bake bread, process will be funny and accompanied by alcohol, after we sit together at Supra, we will teach you how to become Georgian toast master, will eat what we prepared and more.