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Tbilisi - Capital of Georgia

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is one of the ancient cities of the world, situated in the valley of the river Mtkvari. The bridges connect the right and left banks of the city. The place was populated since ancient times, as far as four thousand years BC. During its long and complicated history the city appeared the place of incessant dramatic juxtaposition of a number of various nations and cultures.

The territory of present-day Tbilisi and its suburbs was populated four or five centuries ago. There are a multitude of churches and historic monuments in the old part of the town, as well as many museums, narrow streets and old houses with the characteristic wooden balconies, wide and open. The statue of Mother of Georgia, overlooking the city from the mountain ridge, attracts attention: welcoming its guests with a bowl of wine in one hand, and a sword in another for the enemies, the statue represents the symbol of Georgia. Once in Tbilisi, guests can see the Church of Anchiskhati (6th c.), Sioni Cathedral (7th c.), the Narikala fortress (4th c.), a synagogue, a mosque, a few museums (history museum, and an open-air ethnography museum and the funicular make the musts for visitors of the city). Among other tourists’ diversions are visits to souvenir shops, fairs, theatres, modern movie theatres, restaurants, bars, cafes, fitness-centres and the notorious sulphur spring-baths.

The legend of Tbilisi foundation: Once, while hunting in the dense woods on the territory of modern Tbilisi, King Vakhtang Gorgasali who loved falconry pursued a pheasant. His falcon chased the bird but soon the king lost the sight of both of them. Then the royal suite found the birds in the pool of a sulphur spring. As he found the spring hot, King Vakhtang decided to call this place Tbilisi (“tbili” meaning warm in Georgian). Soon the king founded the city of Tbilisi, where the capital of Georgia was moved to in the 5th c. AD.

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Posted by: Niko Kululashvili
Tour operator Exotour
Photos by: Niko Kululashvili