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Tbilisi full day city tour

A sightseeing tour, which will allow you get to know the main city of Georgia and see it from all angles. Archaeological findings suggest that the territory of Tbilisi and its outskirts have been inhabited since the IV century BC. After a thousand years, at the end of the V century, King Vakhtang Gorgasali founded the city and moved the capital of his kingdom there.

Anchiskhati Basilica in Old Tbilisi holds echoes of the bygone era. The church is surrounded by narrow streets and old houses with wooden balconies, decorated with traditional curving. Nearby there is the Patriarchate of Georgia and the Cathedral church of Sioni, splendor of which has long been admired by foreign travelers.Above the center of the city the statue of Mother Georgia stands with a bowl of wine for friends and a sword for enemies.

You will visit all these places. But first look shall be that of the Sameba Cathedral - one of the largest Christian Orthodox churches in the world. Next, you pass through the old district of Avlabari and descend to the Metekhi bridge to admire the beautiful church of the XIII century, which stands on a cliff above the river. Immediately after crossing the bridge you will find yourself at the Meidani Square, the center of Old Tbilisi. This was where urban life thrived and bustled for over 1500 years...

A ropeway will take up to the ancient Narikala citadel that has been guarding rest of Tbilisi since the VII century. From there, you can follow down the trail to the area of ​​sulfur baths - Abanotubani, to hot springs of which the city owes its existence. Just behind the baths Legvtakhevi beautiful gorge is stretched and at the end of it you will come to a waterfall. What follows is fun and relaxed atmosphere of the tourist district with dozens of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops that are scattered through the streets of Old Tbilisi.

The Georgian National Museum will open doors for you to the treasure of the Golden Fund and you will be amazed by elegance of jewelry made back ​​in the era of early antiquity. Then you go by a funicular carriage to the top of the "holy mountain" - Mtatsminda, with its beautiful park with attractions, a TV tower and a huge Ferris wheel from which the whole of Tbilisi will unfold before your eyes. But that's not the end of the walk. An ethnographic open-air museum will acquaint you with the specifics of the economy and the peculiarities of life in different parts of Georgia. And then we can summarize the day with a cup of coffee in the cozy bungalow on the bank of the Turtle Lake!


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Day Tour itinerary: old city, abanotubani, Narikala fortress, Caravansarai, Georgia National Museum

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