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Good Memory

Sceneries.from Georgia tour: what we have seen, especially Kasbegi and the Caucasus mountain range, the sites of Gergeti Trinity Church, Uplistsikhe, Davit Gareja Monastery, the monasteries and churches in and around Mtsketa, the Khertvisi Castle and Vardzia have enchanted us in your country. In Armenia, the sites of Garni Temple, of Gerart Monastery. of the Mounts Ararat and Aragats in the background of many facinating monasteries, the wilderness around the Amberd Fortress and the ruins of the Vii Century castle in the middle of the clouds made impression on us.
So did all ceremonies in the Georgian as well as the Armenian monasteries. In Azerbaijan, the road to and from Sheki, the pilgrim place of Besbarmag Dag (the 5 finger Mountain), right above the Caspian sea, the region of Kuba and Nazli Bulak, close to the Dagastan border, the Gobustan ancient dwellings and petroglyphs site (XII Century B.C,), the Tabris mountains in the South were full of excitements.