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Mountainous Georgia from Tusheti to Khevsureti

Day 1 – From Tbilisi drive to Kakheti region, on the way visit Sighnaghi old-city, Bodbe monastery, fortified medieval citadel of Gremi, Gurjaani Kvelatsminda church, stay overnight at the guesthouse Vazisubani near Telavi.

Day 3 - Visit architectural complex of Alaverdi, ancient academy of Ikalto and Shuamta monasteries. Drive to Tusheti province with off-road vehicle, sightseeing in Omalo, administrative centre of the region, and cultural excursion to open-air ethnography museum, stay overnight at the Hotel Kamsuri in Omalo.

Day 4 – Trekking to the museum villages: Shenakho, Diklo and Dartlo, stay overnight in tents near Dartlo village (trekking approx. 20 km).
Day 5 - Trekking to Atsuna Pass along the Pirikiti Alazani River. Stay overnight in tents near Kvakhidi (trekking aprox. 18 km).
Day 6 - Trekking along the Pirikiti Alazani to the camping place. Stay overnight in tents near the river (trekking aprox. 20 km).
Day 7 - Cross the Adsunta pass on 3600 m height and enter from Tusheti to Khevsureti province, overnight in tents behind the pass (trekking approx. 16 km).
Day 8 - Trekking to Ardoti, sightseeing of Ardoti fortress and overnight in tents near the village Ardoti (trekking approx. 20 km).
Day 9 - Trekking in Khevsureti province: visit Khakhmati and Mutso fortresses, overnight in tents near the village Mutso (trekking approx. 20 km).

Day 10 - Trekking to Shatili, visit the village and fortifications, stay overnight at the private guesthouse in Shatili (trekking approx. 18 km).
Day 11 – Drive with off-road vehicle to Gudani Cross, Anatoria sanctuaries and via Datvis-jvris Pass (2676 m) return to Tbilisi. Departure

Tour price from 315 USD per person and include:
* All transfers (off-road vehicle in the mountainous provinces);
* Accommodation at the guesthouses and camping places;
* Sleeping tents for trekking in Tusheti Khevsureti provinces;
* FB meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotels or restaurants; picnic during trekking;
* Professional adventure guide service.

Tour provided by Exotour Travel Company in Georgia