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Undiscovered Georgia

Introduction: a comprehensive Tour in Georgia through the most inspiring places of western part of the Country: Landscapes, history and traditions of one of the world’s most inspiring places.

- Vardzia cave town, built in 12th Century under the direction of legendary Queen Tamar who according to oral tradition was lost in caves here as a child. Vardzia comprises hundreds of rooms carved into the rock, stretching for nearly one kilometer and reaching the height of 13 floors. Close to the stone city is the Upper Vardzia Nunnery. The nuns here produce distinctive works of art, souvenirs which sold throughout Georgia. The Nunnery itself is very attractive, set in a steep gorge. We can visit the Nuns, share lunch with them and then take part in a special workshop to try our hand at woodcarving and Icon painting.

- Rabati Castle, a dominating fortress which once resisted Tamerlane and his Mongol army.

- Next activity of this Georgia Adventure Tour is a cheese making masterclass, but first we will need to collect some very special wine to compliment the cheese. Giorgi Natenadze is gaining world renown for finding and rehabilitating ancient grape varieties from wild vines. Using these varieties  and organic growing techniques, the Natenadze winery produces high quality Meskhetian wines. We will visit the grape terraces and winery to learn about the history of Meskhetian wine, before taking part in a tasting, to choose  a bottle (or two) for our next activity. At the Mzianeti cheese farm, we will take part in a cheese making masterclass and learn to make Lukhumi (local bread) in a centuries-old farm house.

- Borjomi, a delightful mountain spa town. We will take a short walk in Borjomi park to taste Borjomi mineral water, famous throughout eastern Europe for its healing qualities. If you choose to, it is possible to swim in the Sulphur hot springs.

- Today we will Travel the Unbeaten Path and visit a beautiful part of Georgia, less visited by international tourists but popular with Georgians. Dour first stop is Martvili village and Monastery. At nearby Martvili Canyon we have a short river rafting trip into Martvili Canyon (this is not a white water river, so our boat ride is scenic rather than challenging). From Martvili we drive to Zugdidi, to visit Dadiani Palace, one time home of the Samegrelo Royal Family. Napoleon Bonaparte’s great nephew Achile Murat also lived here which explains the collection of Napoleonic memorabilia including one of his death masks.  For this evening’s meal we will also take part in the cooking with instruction from a local family who will share our meal.

This Tour in Georgia introduces us to many of the cultures and traditions of this diverse and fascinating region